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Titoki Healing Centre

History Of Titoki

History of Titoki Healing Centre: Embracing a Legacy of Healing and Renewal

Titoki Healing Centre traces its origins back to 1975 when the Reverend Don Ferguson embarked on a visionary journey to establish a sanctuary of healing and renewal. Situated on a serene 10-acre block, the concept of Titoki as a Healing Centre was warmly embraced by the previous owners, who eagerly supported the noble endeavor.

The name “Titoki” holds special significance, derived not only from the adjacent road but also from a majestic Titoki tree gracing the entrance. Revered by the Maori people for its healing properties, the Titoki tree symbolizes the essence of rejuvenation and restoration—a motif reflected in our logo.

Initially, Titoki catered to convalescents with nurses onsite and access to medical professionals. Over time, the focus expanded to encompass the profound connection between emotional and physical well-being. At Titoki, there’s a holistic approach to healing, guided by the divine presence, leading guests on a journey towards spiritual and emotional freedom.

While each staff member contributes their unique essence to the atmosphere, the overarching emphasis remains on fostering an environment steeped in God’s presence. Despite its Christian foundation, Titoki warmly welcomes individuals from all walks of life, embodying inclusivity and unconditional love—a sentiment echoed by the countless visitors who have been touched by its warmth.

Throughout the years, Titoki has undergone evolution, with new buildings added to enhance guest comfort amidst picturesque park-like surroundings. Integral to the functioning of Titoki are its dedicated volunteers, whose tireless efforts in tasks ranging from preservation to gardening are invaluable in sustaining the center’s mission.

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