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The Team

at Titoki Healing Centre

Titoki Christian Healing Centre in-house Team promoting & supporting everyone with the opportunity to experience wholeness, enrichment and transformation of life through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Darryl Pye

Darryl is Titoki’s Pastor and he definitely has a Pastor’s heart. Darryl is passionate about helping people find healing and freedom in Christ and loves to worship in the Spirit with the guitar and drums. He has been married for 23 years and has 2 adult children. Darryl was the Senior Pastor at New Hope Acts Church for seven years and is currently the North Island Leader of Kingdom Brotherhood. Darryl founded the Tumanako Hou Trust for youth faith-based ministries and is trained in Living Waters and deliverance ministry

Monique Wells

Monique joined the Titoki Team in 2023 after falling in love with the gardens, and the historical vision of Titoki. Monique was ignorant of the majority of Holy Spirit’s work on the earth today until she witnessed God heal people’s bodies and hearts. Monique has travelled the world by faith, being led to Titoki to re-dig the wells of Rev Ferguson’s vision for Titoki – to be a place to come and rest in God’s presence, receiving prayer for heart and body wholeness.

Monique has studied at Laidlaw College and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. She is trained in Elijah House prayer ministry.

Tony Hyde

Tony serves at Titoki as the caretaker. He is passionate about people having the best experience possible while at Titoki. Tony is married to Shirley and they have 5 adult children between them. Before coming to Titoki, Tony worked as a volunteer firefighter and was a corrections officer in Christchurch for 40 years. He especially enjoyed helping young men to turn their lives around. Shirley helps with the Debriefing at Titoki.

Jules Ford

Jules is the key Administrator at Titoki. She also hosts guests, coordinates volunteers, and offers counselling by appointment.  After working at Titoki for 2 years, Jules took a break to complete her counselling degree. She is excited to follow the Lord’s call to return to serve at Titoki. Jules is trained in Theophostic prayer ministry.