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Prayer Ministry

What Titoki Offers

Prayer Ministry

at Titoki Healing Centre

The prayer ministry at Titoki comprises staff trained in Cleansing Streams, Elijah House, and Theophostic prayer ministries. We’re here to discuss any struggles or blockages you’re facing and how prayer can aid you. Our prayers are customized to your needs. To schedule an in-depth prayer session, please contact our office.

There’s no charge for ministry if you’re a paying guest at Titoki. However, donations are gratefully accepted. For non-paying guests, a suggested donation of $40 is appreciated.


Our Retreats and Events

Discover a variety of transformative retreats and enriching events tailored to nurture your spiritual journey at Titoki Healing Centre.

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Reach out to our compassionate team for personalized guidance, support, and inquiries about our services and offerings.